Henry the originals season 5

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Henry the originals season 5

He died when Klaus brought him to see the werewolves transform, but one of the werewolves lost control and mauled him to death. His death is what drove Mikael and Esther to protect their children by turning them into the Original vampires. Henrik was the youngest child of Mikael and Esther.

Henrik was a member of the Mikaelson Family and an unnamed Witch Family. Rebekah mentioned that Henrik was the youngest brother, which means he is the youngest member of the Mikaelson family. One night on a full moon, despite warnings from their parents, he and Klaus went out to see the werewolves transform, but he was brutally attacked and killed by one.

henry the originals season 5

This event caused Mikael to ask his wife Esther to transform their children into the first vampires ; never wanting to lose another child again. According to his sister, RebekahHenrik died as a human.

Klaus felt like it was his fault for Henrik's death, as he was the one who brought Henrik to see the werewolves turn. In Every Mother's Sonit was revealed that it was actually the tribe of Klaus' father that killed Henrik. In Red Doorit was revealed by Mikael that one of the main reasons he has been hunting Klaus down for centuries was because he blames Klaus for Henrik's death.

Not much is known about the personality of Henrik, being quiet and following around his older brothers, but like his other siblings, he was afraid of his father.

During a full moonKlaus and Henrik went to see the transformation of the werewolveswhich proves that he was equally reckless as his half-brother. Henrik was apparently closer to Rebekah and Klaus than his other brothers. It is possible that Henrik inherited temperament from his father, like the rest of his siblings. Henrik was never seen speaking in The Vampire Diaries or The Originals during the flashbacks, but it can be assumed that his voice had a European accent, much like his siblings.

Niklaus was presumably the favorite brother of Henrik. They both loved each other and Henrik admired Klaus, as his older brother. They went to see the werewolves transform during a full moon, which was fatal - resulted in Henrik's death.

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Klaus for years blamed himself for this event and was very devastated by the loss of his beloved brother. Henrik and Rebekah were probably very close. Together they watched the "fight" between Klaus and Elijah, with a laugh, wondering which one of them will win. Like Niklaus, she was devastated by Henrik's death, but she didn't blame their older brother - on the contrary, she comforted him.

Esther loved her youngest son very much. After his death, she was devastated and to save her other children, she turned them into vampires. The departure of Henrik was, therefore, the direct cause of this event.

Klaus confirmed that Henrik's death actually drove his mother insane. Little is known about the relationship between Henrik and Mikael, but like his other siblings, he was afraid of his father. He probably also felt angry with him because of how he treated his older brother, Niklaus. However, Mikael loved his youngest son very much though he probably did not show it.

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For hundreds of years, he blamed Klaus for his death, which was one of the reasons why the oldest of the Originals hunted his step-son throughout the centuries. The Originals Season One. The Originals Season Three. The Originals Season Five. Add an image. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.Klaus returns home to find Hayley, but all he finds is drama with his teenage daughter.

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Remember how Klaus used to worry about being a bad parent and scarring his child? Well, unfortunately, it does seem that Hope has a few scars.

One Wrong Turn on Bourbon

We start the second episode of the season with Hope remembering the last time she saw her father. When she was nine, she used magic to visit him. But now could be the start of their second chance seeing as how Klaus is in town to find Hayley. From there, Freya pays a visit to Vincent, lets him know that Klaus is in town, and suggests he sits down with Ivy, the best seer in all of New Orleans.

Klaus compels Declan to forget their entire interaction before once again leaving Hope.

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Earlier in the day, Roman showed up on her balcony. It seems word spread around the school that Henry killed himself and Roman wants to pay his respects. He feels bad about the fact that his friends bullied Henry. And when Hope gets back home after her brief reunion with her father, she finally tells Roman the truth: This house of horrors that she calls home — where apparently a sleeping Aurora is just chilling in the parlor?

And then Klaus enters. Josh and Marcel head to the bayou and successfully convince the wolves to hand Henry over. Hope explains that she knew something big had to happen to bring him home, and she assures him that Hayley is perfectly safe, sleeping peacefully in a coffin thanks to a spell that Hope wrote herself. After all, he used to put his family members in coffins and use them as leverage. He heads out to get her when Hope uses magic to shut the doors.

She is going to get her talk regardless of what Klaus wants. Next: A death rocks the city. Klaus says that, in his experience, fathers always cause pain. You know, normal angsty teen stuff. Across town, Ivy is helping Vincent get a read on Hope. Also not feeling great about Hope is Josh, who warns Marcel that they need to prepare for the worst. And you are good. Now that Klaus knows where Hayley is, he and Freya go to retrieve her, but all they find is an open, very bloody coffin.

He tells Hope what happened and promises that this is his fault and he will fix it. He called Alaric and made arrangements for her to return to Mystic Falls tonight.

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He tells his daughter that he loves her and leaves. Freya, realizing she has to stay, tells Keelin to go, see the world, and breathe. But the question is: Who killed him? This episode was a very important one for the series: It was the reunion of Klaus and his daughter, and I have to say, I thought it was pretty great. We all knew that Klaus as a father would be a bit messy, and this stuck to that, all the while showing us just how strong — and in many ways, like her father — Hope has turned out to be.

And in addition to giving us that reunion, the hour did a great job of setting up the many ominous things to come.See our picks. Desperate to see her father, Hope resorts to drastic measures to bring her father back to New Orleans; Freya's guilt over not being able to reunite her family gets in the way of her happiness with Keelin; Rebekah struggles with commitment issues.

Written by Tamaya Afflick. After the Season 5 premier I'm pretty much convinced that this will be the best season of 'The Originals' yet!!! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates.

henry the originals season 5

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Alternate Versions. The Originals — Rate This. Season 5 Episode 1. All Episodes Desperate to see her father Klaus after seven years, Hope resorts to drastic measures to bring him back to New Orleans. Director: Lance Anderson. Added to Watchlist. Watched In Use the HTML below.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Joseph Morgan Klaus Mikaelson Daniel Gillies Elijah Mikaelson Phoebe Tonkin Hayley Marshall Charles Michael Davis Marcel Gerard Yusuf GatewoodOn July 20,Julie Plec announced via Twitter that the upcoming season would be the series' last.

The fifth season consists of 13 episodes and debuted on April 18, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Originals season 5 Promotional poster. See also: List of The Originals characters. See also: List of The Originals episodes.

henry the originals season 5

In all other episodes, she is not credited and does not appear. From episode 11 to 13, he is not credited and does not appear. May 20, Retrieved November 18, TheOriginals" Tweet — via Twitter. The Futon Critic. March 30, Retrieved March 30, Entertainment Weekly. Episode " Tweet. Retrieved December 23, — via Twitter. February 7, Retrieved March 12, Retrieved January 7, — via Twitter.

TV by the Numbers. Retrieved April 19, Retrieved April 26, Retrieved May 3, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved May 17, Retrieved June 2, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved June 14, Retrieved June 21, TV By The Numbers. Retrieved July 12, Retrieved July 19, TV By the Numbers. Retrieved July 26, Retrieved August 3, Retrieved May 11, Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

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The Originals 5×08 "Open the door" Elijah remembers Hayley and his family

Where You Left Your Heart. Niklaus Mikaelson. One Wrong Turn On Bourbon. Killed: Henry Benoit - heart extraction; killed by unknown assailant. Ne Me Quitte Pas. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

The Originals Season Five Body Count

Killed: David - heart extraction; killed by Niklaus Mikaelson Colette - drained of blood; killed by Niklaus Mikaelson Unnamed Vampire - decapitated; killed by Niklaus Mikaelson Saved: Josh Rosza - Vincent intervened after Klaus began to kill the kidnapped faction members.

Niklaus Mikaelson flashback. What, Will, I, Have, Left. God's Gonna Trouble the Water. The Kindness of Strangers. Niklaus Mikaelson Flashback. Killed: 12 Lisina - Explosion; killed by an unknown compelled human Man - Explosion; compelled and killed by an unknown nightwalker Unknown werewolf - Explosion; killed by an unknown compelled human Ivy - Poisoned; killed by Emmett as a witch; in transition Eight unnamed witches - Poisoned; killed by Emmett as witches; in transition.

There in the Disappearing Light. Killed: Two vampires - killed by Niklaus Mikaelson Unnamed witch - Throat ripped open; killed by Joshua Rosza Approximately six unnamed vampires - Various ways; killed by Marcel Gerard and Josh Joshua Rosza - Werewolf Venom; killed by unknown vampire, indirectly by Marcel via his venom Ivy - Failure to transition; killed by herself EmmettBilland approximately forty-five unnamed vampires - Fatal Pain Infliction; killed by Hope Mikaelson Saved: Declan - saved by Niklaus Mikaelson after being involved in the fight between Hope and Emmett and his followers.Season five consists of 13 instalments, the same number as the previous cycle and will be one of the shortest runs.

Episode one from the new run is called Where You Left Your Heart and will pick up several years after the events of the season four finale. Season four of The Originals saw the Mikaelson siblings forced to separate otherwise risk destroying all they held dear.

The family were given strict instructions never to reunite again or risk resurrecting their sworn enemy, who could return if the power within the Mikaelsons was brought back together. Inevitably, the family will be brought together when Hope wants to meet with her father Klaus, which could cause problems.

In a new clip released from The CW from the forthcoming season, Klaus is seen turning up in a piano bar in France where his brother Elijah works. There was some issues. It looks like all of scene is going to build to Elijah regaining his memory and hope being reunited with her father, which will bring down chaos upon the family again. Season five also looks likely to see the dispersed characters returning to their home in New Orleans and once more fighting The Hollow - this time for the last time.

Previous seasons of The Originals have had 22 episodes in total.

henry the originals season 5

They had to go their separate ways or risk unleashing The Hollow that lives within them again. Play slideshow.

The Originals Season Five Body Count

The Originals season 5 starts on The CW tonight at 9pm. The Originals season 5: When is the next episode released on Netflix?The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies Wiki team makes every effort to maintain professional courtesy and provide sources of information for upcoming episodes. As a result, it is not an accurate spoiler source and should not be cited as such.

The fifth season of The Originals was announced on May 10, This is the final season. With Marcel Charles Michael Davis following Rebekah out of town and Elijah stripped of his memory, the danger seems to be contained As the Mikaelsons return to New Orleans, bringing the pieces of a centuries old evil with them, it becomes clear that the closing chapter of this family saga will be as bloody and emotional as ever. Hayley gets kidnapped, and the Nightwalkers's leader, Greta Sienna, tries to blackmail Klaus into binding Hope's werewolf side.

As Klaus refuses, Greta and her son Roman try to bind Hayley and Hope themselves, succeding with the former. When Klaus and Caroline come to rescue them, Elijah fights his brother, and Hayley kills Greta, at the cost of her own life.

Ivy tells Klaus about a curse that will kill all of New Orleans' firstborns if he doesn't stay away from his family. Desperately, Hope forces the Hollow out of the Mikaelsons and puts it on herself. Elijah recovers his memories. Meanwhile, the Nightwalkers, now led by Emmett, try to purge New Orleans of both werewolves and hybrids.

This ends with Hope using the Hollow's power to kill all of Greta's followers, but triggering her werewolf curse in the process. The main antagonists of this chapter are Emmettthe Nightwalkers and the Hollow 's dark magic.

The Originals season 5 spoilers: What will happen to Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson?

Before Freya and Keelin's wedding, Davina tells Klaus that Hope's condition will only get worse, and that she might not survive her first transformation during the full moon. As the twins siphon the Hollow out of the Hope and put into him, he tries to sacrifice himself to kill Inadu. Hope and Elijah stop Klaus and take him back to New Orleans.

As they realize that killing Klaus it the only way to finally defeat the Hollow, they give time for Klaus say his last goodbyes. Rebekah and Marcel get together again, with the promise that she will eventually take the cure and live a human life.

Vincent agrees to start a family with Freya and Keelin. As Klaus prepares to kill himself, Elijah reveals that he wishes to die by his side, and they both stake each other, in agreement that if there is only darkness after death, they would face it together. The main antagonist of this chapter is the Hollow.

For more information, see Character Appearances. Add an image. The Originals: Previously Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :. Emmett Nightwalkers The Hollow.


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